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Currently in my final year of my Computer Science Degree (BSc Hons) at Heriot Watt University.

My main interests are Network Security and Web Development.

Currently working on my honours degree project.

CV can be obtained upon request.
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4th Year University Modules

Semester 1

Data Mining & Machine Learning

Biologically Inspired Computation

Computer Network Security

Semester 2

Advanced Network Security

Conversational Agents & Spoken Language Processing


Most experienced in the following programming languages and frameworks







14/5/20 - 25/6/20

Coronavirus Stat Comparison Web App

VIROLL Dark mode VIROLL Dark mode VIROLL Dark mode VIROLL Dark mode

Screenshots of VIROLL's Home page and United-States Page

VIROLL allows you to compare any 2 data recorded countries together.

VIROLL can get you data for 186 data recorded countries.

VIROLL presents data on filterable charts.

VIROLL was built using Vue.js and the COVID-19 API.


11/9/19 - 24/4/20

Smart-Home Web App that can monitor energy usage and control Smart Devices

uplink screenshot uplink screenshot uplink screenshot uplink screenshot

Screenshots of various pages from uplink

Push notifications alerting you to energy usage.

Uplink was a group project for the module, F29SO - I was the frontend developer but also helped in the backend of the application.

Uplink had a Vue.js frontend, Node.js backend and an SQLite database.

For smart devices you can:

Set up schedules

Set up automated tasks


1/3/19 - 24/4/19

Forum for Computer Science Students

Forum used JS, PHP and MySQL.

Allowed users to create and add posts to a news feed.

CS Year groups had their own unique news feeds.


Go to my GitHub to view these projects and/or any other projects I have worked on.
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